Joseph Waswa aka Uhuru

Joseph Waswa one of the seven men who were arrested for impersonating President Uhuru Kenyatta and conning people. Waswa is a well-known flamboyant businessman.

Conmen who impersonated President Uhuru
Conmen who impersonated President Uhuru

The conmen, according to DCI, have perfected the art of mimicking the President’s voice and operate as State House officials.

Well, Joseph Waswa, whose flashy lifestyle on social media has always left tongues wagging, is a public interest. From showing off top Toyota cars, stacks of cash to sharing pics flying in local flights, Waswa indeed led a lavish life.

In December 2018 Joseph Waswa brought little-known Nzatani village in Kitui county to a standstill when he went to pay Sh5 million bride price for his wife, Moreen Tabitha.

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The 28-year old was accompanied by a section of Kenyans MPs. They included: Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, Caleb Hamisi ( Saboti MP), Charles Nguna (Mwingi West), and Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills). They flew in four choppers.

Joseph Waswa and Babu Owino
Joseph Waswa and Babu Owino

Back in 2016, Waswa also shocked Bungoma county when he offered a helicopter ride to a man who hung onto a flying helicopter.

Well, after his arrest, Kenyans were shocked and some of their reactions included:

Eric Surungai: Kweli maisha ni ngumu. Luhyas doing what they are not known to do.

Christine Jamal Kenyans are all talented in thievery hakuna mambo na tribe sikuizi

Nyakach: I can see they are in very good health. Business has been good, they cant complain

Kapchanga Fred: Hao masocialites wote wanatoka webuye!!!

Victor Chege: Is there a difference they just lied to make ends meet is that the same things politicians do….the come ask for votes then go steal there for their own benefits and no one is really after them!!!!!!!#justice to all

Ras Amandla: They were stealing from the right people.. Hapana nyonga budeng’ ametoka jua kali…. Iba na akili kutoka kwa hawa mabigi wanatunyanyasa

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Flavia Kamonya Y’all thought Luhyas are limited to being watchmen, sending greetings and patanisho.

Carole-Shiku Gachwe If only they hired or adopted professional advice services za one mundu wa nyumba trust me hawangepatikana.

Mwari Ndichu But I have question..all  of them weremaking calls voice, was it a choir?

Rispah Jebiwott bona they can’t arrest with similar speed those that involved in CORRUPTION!!!!! hiyo nikusema kama hujui watu wa nguvu….. utajua hujui…….. hii ni kenya anything goes!!!!!😅😂🤣

Below are photos of Joesph Waswa, go through

 Joesph Waswa  Joesph Waswa with his wife  Joesph Waswa  Joesph Waswa

 Joesph Waswa
Joesph Waswa with his wife

Joseph Waswa and Babu Owino

 Joesph Waswa

 Joesph Waswa
Joesph Waswa (striped red and black t-shirt)

 Joesph Waswa  Joesph Waswa  Joesph Waswa

 Joesph Waswa
Waswa holding notes

 Joesph Waswa with his wife  Joesph Waswa with his wife