Johnny Depp’s new girlfriend is a Russian go-go dancer who he wants to marry, has learned exclusively.

Polina Glen, who is believed to be in her mid-twenties, met Depp, 55, at a party in LA last year, a source close to her told

Depp was pictured in a steamy embrace with a ‘mystery woman’ earlier this year at a hotel in Belgrade, Serbia – but has now identified the woman as Polina. She was also pictured walking alongside him in May 2018 while he was on tour in Moscow with his band, The Hollywood Vampires.

Polina, who is originally from St. Petersburg, is a trained dancer and choreographer. She has been living with the multimillionaire actor at his Sunset Boulevard mansion.

The friend said: ‘Polina met Johnny at a party in LA. She gets invited to a lot of stuff and ran into him. She’s a dancer and a hot girl.

‘She was just chilling at the party and didn’t know who he was when he came over to introduce himself. They hit it off.

‘He’s got legal issues with his ex-wife and then here’s this beautiful young Russian dancer, that doesn’t want anything and doesn’t even know who he is. Russian girls don’t know him. They have no clue about actors and people always look different in person.

‘When she found out who he was, she was happy.’

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has not been romantically linked with anyone since he separated with ex-wife Amber Heard.

The actress filed for divorce from Depp in May 2016 stating that he had been ‘verbally and physically’ abusive towards her. Their divorce was finalized in January 2017, with Heard receiving a $7million divorce settlement.

In a wide-ranging interview with Depp last June, Rolling Stone reported that those close to Depp had begged him not to wed Heard and get a prenup – both of which he ignored.

Depp has had a litany of legal woes in recent years. He is currently embroiled in multiple lawsuits against his former business managers claiming that they squandered the majority of his estimated $650 million movie fortune. He has also filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard.

Polina, whose family live in Russia, is believed to have come to the US two years ago to further her career as a dancer.

The insider said: ‘She’s really sweet and caring. She’s very talented. I’m sure Johnny assists but she’s off doing her own thing.

‘She is very low-key. She goes to her dance choreography from his place and she comes back. I don’t think anyone knows she’s living there.’

The source told that the couple is very much in love and that he wants to marry her.

‘Polina said that they are going to get married and that he wants to go to Russia to meet her parents.’

Her parents, Irina and Gennady Glen, live in St. Petersburg.

Attempts to reach Polina Glenn and her mother, Irina, were unsuccessful. Depp did not respond to a request for comment.

Irina Glen was born in Soviet Kazakhstan and studied electrical power installations at St Petersburg State Polytech University.

She has a private business selling willow herbal tea from Karelia, a region in north-west Russia. She travels regularly in particular to Italy. In February 2015, Irina qualified as a travel guide and Italian translator.

From her public Instagram account, Polina has posted several pictures from St. Petersburg in the last week, including one from a dance studio. On Sunday, she posted a sultry image, dressed in spandex, with the caption: ‘Your Easter Bunny.’

In June 2018, she posted a picture on an empty road with a desert scene, writing: ‘Road trip, anyone? My next stop is Europe.’

At the same time, Depp and his bandmates, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, were performing a slew of dates across Europe.

The source continued: ‘Other women in his life are tearing him apart and it has been very easy for him to fall in love with her.

‘She’s not looking for anything from him. She’s real. She’s young. When you’re 55 and you meet a twenty-something, there’s no drama. It’s fresh. You’re completely head over heels. She’s got a beautiful body.

‘She’s not a gold-digger. She’s very down-to-earth and I think that’s why he loves her so much because she’s not the LA crowd, she’s not looking for money.

‘I think for a superstar that’s very comforting. Someone that doesn’t already know you and wants your money? That’s a big thing.’

The insider said that although the couple has travelled to Russia and other parts of Europe together, they spend most of their time together settled in his luxury Hollywood home.

‘He doesn’t like spending time away from her but she understands that he’s got a band and he’s touring. When he comes back, they are together all the time.

‘They are a puppy love couple. They sit together. I think he shows her old movies in his theatre. He falls asleep a lot in his chair during the movies.

‘Johnny is really busy, he works all the time. He’s exhausted a lot.

‘There’s alcohol in the house. I’m sure he’s drinking. There’s weed in the house. He’s smoking but I don’t think that’s a big deal.

‘She loves his music, he plays the piano for her.’

The source also gave exclusive details of what it’s like to be in the home of Depp.

‘He makes guests sign NDAs when they stay at his house.

‘He’s got a lot of old guitars everywhere, its very musician. He’s got a movie theater in there. Its very old school and homey, lots of wood.’

The insider said that Polina, who is only a few years older that Depp’s model daughter Lily-Rose, was unconcerned by the age difference.

‘It’s about personality. Who’s going to say no to Johnny Depp? The guy’s a superstar.

‘She’s got a mansion and she’s super hooked up now. She’s a dancer, not saying she’s got nothing, but there’s a lot of potential there with him. I’m sure he’ll be pulling strings for her now, she’s getting into bigger things. Her dancing is picking up. She’s cleaned up her Instagram account. She’s doing music videos.’

Polina appears to have been living in LA and working on her dance career since 2017 but has been making regular trips home to Russia.

She took part in dance project, Playground LA, and was trained by choreographer Tevyn Cole.

On April 13 this year, she gave a dancing master class at the dance studio BAZA in St Petersburg.

As a child, she played violin in a local orchestra. On her LiveJournal page in 2011, she posted that she was attending dance school and was having arguments over this with her mother, apparently because she refused to pay for classes.

In 2012, Polina won a beauty contest ran by a local bar, Nebar, in St Petersburg, becoming ‘Miss Nebar 2012’.

The contest was run by DJ Alexey Romeo. The main prize was dinner with him, a Mediterranean cruise and a gift card worth 100,000 rubles or $1,570.


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