Football is arguably the most popular sport in Kenya with a large number of supporters. With more than 3,000 footballers in the country, not all have won the hearts of the fans. We always judge them though yet in many cases we have never had the opportunity to meet them personally.

Despite the fact that most of our footballers are always hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons, there are a few who have maintained a clean image; they have never been caught up in any major scandals.

I consulted quite a number of sports personalities in the country, and I came up with the list below of the most humble and respectable Kenyan Premier League footballers both on and off the pitch. These footballers are committed to their families and also help in nurturing raw talent. Go through the photo galleries below and be the judge.

1. Jerry Onyango – Gor Mahia


2.. Wilson Obungu – Bandari

Currently, Kenya is ranked number 118 in the world by FIFA


3. Martin Imbalambala – AFC Leopards


4. Brian Osumba – Tusker FC


5. Duncan Ochieng’ – Tusker




Kenyan football has come a long way in recent years and even though the wrangles often threaten to paralyse the game, these players will always be remember for the service that they have so far given to the sport in Kenya.