Grace Msalame twins
Grace Msalame twins

Celebrated media personality Grace Msalame has always been one who has shared her moments with her two cuties on social-media.

Msalame always shares with her fans a thing or two about Zawadi and Raha and every little milestone they achieve.

Grace co-parents with engaged to Paul Ndichu the twin brother of Eddie Ndichu who is married to Janet Mbugua.

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Paul Ndichu with his wife Momanyi

Zawadi and Raha have previously made headlines with their fashion sense will probably be turning 8 years this year and mahn! Are they cute?

Unlike many 8-year-olds, the twins are already bringing in money as they are brand ambassadors for Royco alongside their mum.

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Check out the photos of Zawadi and Raha.image-2019-05-06 (6) (1)

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Truth be told these twins are all shades of beautiful. After all don’t they say the apple does not fall far from the tree?

It is obvious where they got their beauty from.

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