17. David Mwindi (38)

David Mwindi

David serves as the regional head of audit for Standard Chartered Bank. He has previously worked with top brands like PwC, KPMG and Barclays. He has also been a lecturer at his alma mater, Strathmore University for 12 years. He has had quite a journey discovering his real purpose in life. He enrolled in Strathmore to study Accounting but later changed his mind. After joining UON to study medicine, he changed his mind after two years; he shifted his course to Bcom, which would later lead him to his present position. He works with StanChart offices across Africa to ensure efficiency of their auditing departments.

18. Jackson Biko (38)

Jackson Biko

Jackson Biko popularly known as Biko Zulu is one of the most popular Kenyan writers. His work appears in the Business Daily, Saturday Nation, True Love Magazine and on his blog www.bikozulu.co.ke. He is also the editor-at-large of Msafiri Magazine. He started blogging back in 2009 having worked with Adam, which came to an end. He has been awarded Best Creative Blog in the popular BAKE awards for three years straight.

19. Dr. William Mwiti (34)

He is the country medical director at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). When he was younger, he never imagined himself in this field.

“I had actually wanted to be a scientist, but when I realised in high school that biology came more naturally to me than chemistry, it was a no-brainer,” he told BD. His start was an internship at a mission hospital, from which he ventured into private practise, then joined an NGO in Kibera before joining GSK.

20. Jacob Otieno Ouma (31)

Jacob Otieno

He is the founder of Tablets for Schools in Kibera, which is a partnership between Open Learning Exchange and the Young African Leaders Initiative. He has enabled many libraries access the internet, a vital part of the 21st century life. He is also the brainchild behind the Pan African Leadership Incubator that equips women, young and people living with disabilities with entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

21. Danson Muchemi (32)

Danson Muchemi

He is the CEO of Jambopay, one of the fastest growing online payment platforms in Kenya. After graduating from Kenyatta University with a BSc. in Telecoms and Information Technology in 2007, he went on to start a business. He used to own a literacy library and would sell lecture notes on CDs to students. After a short stint with a Turkish firm’s business development department, he started Jambopay in a cyber cafe. He currently has over 2,000 clients across East Africa, including parastatals and corporates.

22. John Olukuru (34)

John Olukuru

He is one of the youngest deans in Kenya. John got his PhD in Quantitative Finance before age 30 and heads the Finance and Applied Economics Department at Strathmore. He studied at Egerton University and graduated with a First Class in double mathematics. He is one of the starters of the Chartered Financial Analyst programme at Strathmore University. He is a fan of Lewis Hamiltion in Formula One, who he says has changed his outlook on the Mercedes Benz brand. His family values are inspired by tennis champions Roger Federer and Andy Murray. He is an ardent sports lover, with a monthly mountain bike riding routine and soccer sessions.

23. Chintan Thacker (35)

Chintan Thacker

Chintan’s entreprenuerial journey started when he was a young kid. He would accompany his dad, the founder of the Vivek Investments Company (now the Vivek Group of Companies) to work. He would later study International Business Administration at USIU and Gemmology at the Gemmological Institute of America. After working as a diamond grader and buyer in India, he decided to return to Kenya since he saw the potential Africa has. He has since worked through the ranks in the family business. He is currently the CEO of the company and has helped expand its portfolio, from precious stones, OTC pharmaceutical products to real estate.

24. Tim Kipchumba (31)

Tim Kipchumba

He is the cofounder of Quesworks, an engineering procurement construction company that has a client base in Kenya, Uganda, Israel and USA. It manages the sourcing and procurement of real estate and renewable energy products.

It all started in 2011 when he was finishing campus at Strathmore. He helped build some of the school buildings. He and his co-founder said that they should spin off the project into a business. Questworks now has over 100 employees, mainly risk analysts, architects, project managers, master planners among others. Some of the facilities he helped put up have won the Presidential Green Awards and Best Green Building in Africa accolades.

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