Anne Mumbi Waiguru walked down the aisle a few weeks back into the arms of lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo.

It was at this illustrious traditional wedding ceremony that we got to meet Waiguru’s three sons, Ron Wabu, Ian, Don Waiguru

Anne’s son Ian has some serious street cred in the world of tech. He owns a company – Something Inc – that is involved in among other, branding electronics such as computers, mobile phones, laptops and power banks.

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“I got involved in all this because my mother told me I need to do something with my life even at this stage of my career. It is true because at that time I spent much time idling with my friends,” he told NTV news anchor Larry Madowo during an interview on the popular weekly entertainment show, The Trend.

Anne revealed that her 19- year-old-son started an IT business without her help.

 “I encouraged him to start doing something instead of sitting in the house and watching TV. Before I knew it, he had organised an IT forum and he did not let me talk at the event,” she said.

Check him out giving a TedTalk.

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Check out the photo of Waiguru’s all grown sons.

Meet Anne Waiguru Waiganjo’s all grown sons


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