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Whenever I go through Willow Smith’s Instagram, it’s laced with rather queer, otherwordly content. She posts art devoid of normality. Willow channels alien invasion and extraterrestrial creature existence amidst us. That makes her seemingly weird. Away from that, she is a truly talented musician, whose breakthrough was the 2010 hit song “Whip My Hair”.

Willow Smith

Not many Kenyan teens could have imagined that they could work with her on any project. Brendern Denousse aka Ukweli, a Kenyan music producer has just achieved that. He spoke to Okay Africa about how he managed to get Willow on his record, something that happened by sheer coincidence.

Ukweli has always been a fan of US based singer Jarah Aubrey AKA JABS. He reached out to her after making some special beats. Brendern did the instrumental on one night when he couldn’t sleep at all..,he was in a melancholic mood. When you listen to the song titled “Get Lost” you’ll totally relate to this.

JABS souncloud
JABS | Soundcloud

So, two months later, he got the finished product, only to be surprised by the fact that JABS featured Willow!

“I was unaware that she did the song with Willow Smith, but I was happily surprised,” he said.

The two are friends and have previously worked on a song dubbed “Star”. Wow. This is GREAT. Listen to “Get Lost” below: