Cate Rira vs Bahati

Nation FM presenter Cate Rira has called out Bahati for releasing a song she termed as “mediocre”.

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The controversial artiste together with Gengetone’s Boondocks recently released a song titled Taniua and many have criticized him.

Cate Rira shared a snippet of the video and went on a rant.

Bahati, first of all this is a bunch of nonsense kwangu. Hii ni takataka kusema ukweli, if you feel bad, take it up with someone else. I will tell our industry this and I say it with so much passion. The reason why our industry will never grow is that we allow mediocrity. This is mediocrity. I don’t have a problem with Gengetone. It’s good, I love it and dance to it but when you don’t use effort to bring out something or even to speak the real gospel now that’s some trash,’ she said.

The media personality also called out Jalang’o and Mzazi Willy M Tuva among other presenters who she said will still support such music.

We presenters go wrong by putting a bad song on blast. Other industries don’t allow mediocrity to be tangazwad everywhere, we do it and think it’s okay. I know Mambo Mseto will promote it watu kama Jalang’o will promote it, shame on you for doing that! You know why? You are the reason why our industry will never grow. If something is mediocre stop elevating it,

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Many Kenyans supported Cate Rira’s sentiments while some differed with her. Below are the mixed reactions

anyikopr This is why we love you! #TruthTelling

vicmassluodollar Naona 2020 uki CALL POLICE on us musicians

Tonny Ameda Well said kenyans tolerate mediocrity the real reason why we will never compete with tz and Uganda and yet they make their first millions in our country we are the get way of most well-established artists in East Africa but when it comes in presenting ourselves its a joke

scracherkings We baki hapo na mediocrity. Let the kids enjoy, they will alsi grow and learn just like you.🇰🇪

bossa_prince Wow umehit the nail on the head 🙌🏽

okechkoech Well said and u got my support.💪🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Some of these shit they call music 😏😏

kashkeed_kenya asante mammy kwa ukweli

Dan Aceda If you don’t like the song just play something else. There’s alot of music that’s wonderful and that’s looking for a platform. Build the content you want instead of spending time on content you don’t want.

Chris Bitok I also love Kenyan music but this is true….I love gengetone don’t get me wrong some had to say it…boondocks gang by now should know what to do and what not to do

Jalang’o So where do I come in? 🤣 🤣🤣🤣

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zeelot_music @caterira said it.i concur with your sentiments.let’s call a spade a spade👏👏

grl.ness_ @caterira Thank you😭😭😭😭I thought I was the only one seeing this

miss_s_mboya My sentiments exactly! I love you @caterira we don’t have an identity as kenyan sound because of takataka like this na eti we’re fighting to get to the international market

Surce Paito Ukweli usemwe this song is meffi 💯, @BahatiKenya is becoming meffi by day ..what kind of poop is this he is serving us??