Ali Kiba Diamond

Ali Kiba has released a new song dubbed ‘Mediocre.’ In the song, Kiba talks about average people who pretend to be the Kings.

Well, fans have translated this to mean that Ali Kiba is finally throwing the much-needed jab back at Diamond Platnumz and his ex-protege Harmonize.

Kiba talks about a person who lives by copying people. He also speaks about how the person looks for scandals to remain relevant.

‘Me nafanya wimbo, we unafanya skendo,uonekane,’ he said, adding, ‘Unajiona mjanja unatamba sana, mediocre.’

Kiba goes on to speak about him being the King and there is no other.

It will be remembered that Harmonize fell on stage when he came in ziplining before performing at Mkapa stadium a few weeks ago. Kiba made reference to this calling him a failed king-wannabe.

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Kiba and Harmonize are said not to be seeing eye to eye after Harmonize signed Ali Kiba’s ex singers.

Diamond and Kiba on the other hand have had a long standing rivalry on who the King of Bongo Flava is.

Check out the song;