Janet Mbugua

Media personality Janet Mbugua started a three-day series titled #3DaysOfYellow.

In this series, the mother of two is set to talk about her life and in part one of the series, she shared a sad story, that has moved many.

Janet, shared a photo wearing a yellow dress from 2015 and explained her struggle as a woman.

Janet Mbugua

She revealed that she underwent a laparoscopy for deep ovarian endometriosis in 2005.

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She would experience severe pains during her periods and at a time could miss classes or going to the office.

Janet Mbugua revealed that she was put on birth control and continued using it except for the period in which they were trying for a child.

She also said that if she doesn’t take my medication, she struggles during her period.

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Here is Janet’s post:

Day 1 – This was me in 2015. Ten years earlier, in 2005, I had just undergone a laparoscopy for deep ovarian endometriosis, also known as endometriomas or ovarian cysts. It causes the formation of cavities within the ovary that fill with blood. It had been years, literally since high school, of painful, prolonged periods that sometimes rendered me unable to go to class or to the office, especially during the first few days of my cycle.

Finally getting a diagnosis was such a breakthrough and I was put on birth control thereafter and have had to continue using this, except for the times we were trying for a baby. Until today, if I don’t take my medication, I’ll struggle during my period. Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women during their reproductive years (ie. usually between the ages of 15 to 49), which is approximately 176 million women in the world. So, let’s wear yellow and stand with endo warriors like @elsie_odhiambo @jahmbykoikai and many others. Let’s talk periods and most importantly, let’s talk period pain. Because ladies (and gents), a very painful, prolonged period is NOT normal.

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 Janet’s story has moved many and below are some of the comments:

lillohkangethe I live that you are real and you share your experiences. We live in an age where people just post the best part of themselves and their lives. Glad you show us you are human..

mercy_gatwiri Thank you for this. I experience this so bad that before my periods start i get anxiety attacks and the worst thing is that people think I exaggerate and in high school it was so bad that i literally couldn’t walk I even think am cursed sometimes. Honestly, its very painful and the worst thing is i know I have to go through it every single month

moulevivianne 2011 it is When my ovarian cyst was removed I remember it was very painful.

maggie_shantelle I had those painful periods when I was in high school and my mum was really concerned,we tried so many supplements but nothing, I dreaded those days I was on my periods coz the first 2-3 days were the worst I couldn’t get out of bed…I could even crawl like a baby to th toilet… I was always on painkillers during my cycle…but am glad after I gave birth my periods are now mild and manageable..I can even continue with daily chores with ease, jus a mild pain on th first 2days…. @jahmbykoikai @officialjanetmbugua u inspire me,now I understand more what my problem was bt I wasn’t aware

rowziewambuirowzie Thanks for sharing your story/journey @officialjanetmbugua . You are such a warrior! Looking forward to this convo 💛

mbuguaeric Thats great educate this women about all this crysis they never knew janet you are such a queen

diruroca I once had a flow that lasted a month at that time I did not know there was anything like endometriosis I was given meds I can’t remember their name and my flow went back to normal. I stand with all the women going through prolonged period pain @jahmbykoikai

shikorono And the myth that after giving birth it gets better, it’s just that, a myth! It doesn’t change. For me it got worse. Really heavy periods and prolonged. Just last month I got the diagnosis. Luckily I was taking the femi plan meds for hormonal imbalance. It’s getting much better. We can’t ignore the cramps any longer. #painfulperiodsarenotnormal

bettybetie I thought I was cursed… Visited 4 gynecologists telling me that it was normal.. I suffered in silence and This really drained me, 3 years later was diagnosed with the condition..i thank God am still been treated. Endometriosis is real.

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iamkristinjay Wow! Thank you for sharing your story. We put on such a brave faces that no one realizes we are suffering. #periodconversion #yellowforendo