Media personality Annitah Raey has revealed that she resigned a week ago from her job. The mother of two, who used to host a late-night show on Hot 96 in an exclusive interview with, said,

‘When you’re working in a toxic environment and complain then you realise nothing is gonna change, I got tired and resigned over a week ago. I was on leave from October 30th, I needed a break to breathe and decide what I wanted with my life. On Wednesday I tendered my resignation letter and was done.’

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Advising those in working in toxic environments, she said,

‘Toxic bosses can’t break you on work but personally. if you realise a job is breaking you personally then you need to walk away. Also, have a backup plan because sometimes you die for a job that will never die for you at any time. Instead of staying somewhere and fighting every day just walk away, that’s not your company. If you’re in a place where you see you’re dying just walk away before you die because you might just die, so walk away.’

Asked about her plans after quitting, Annitah said,

‘I just want to breathe for a while, media can be toxic AF. ‘

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