Babu Owino
Woman plants a kiss on Babu Owino's cheek

Have you ever wondered what the kiss you give your loved ones mean? There are different types of kisses and they all have different roles.

The next time before you kiss someone here is what you need to know.

Cheek Kiss

A kiss on the cheek is a sign of a platonic friendship.

 Ear Kiss

An ear kiss is a sign of intimacy.

The ear is an erogenous zone, and an ear kiss works as foreplay.

Or an indication that the other person fancies you sexually.

From De’Mathew to Queen Jane: Mugithi artistes who have died

Forehead Kiss

This is a sweet, protective kiss to share between people who really care about each other.

 Hand Kiss

Kissing on the back of the hand or the palm is sweet and sensitive.

Though it’s not necessarily sexual, it can be, but it always shows that you care and want to be close to them

Neck or Back-of-the-Neck Kisses

A kiss in the neck show your partner wants to explore abit more.

 French Kiss

A French kiss shows that a man is interested in you and want something more from you.

A peck

A peck shows affection or a casual friendship depending on who is giving you the peck.