Muthoni Drummer Queen is having a rough time promoting her music to media houses.

She ranted on social media about the experience she went through last week as she was trying to promote her songs via certain media houses, claiming she received such horrible treatment.

Muthoni explains that the two interviews were canceled and the reasons do not hold any water at all. She did not mention the media houses but she said that one interview was canceled because the squad Muthoni came with was large and the other radio station the presenter had not talked to the producer so the interview was null and void.

Last week we had two major artistes in Kenya, Kranium and Mr. Eazi. Muthoni Drummer Queen said that it is unfortunate that the media sometimes do not focus on local talent but when an international act comes to Kenya, they are fast to interview them and not ‘forget’ to book them for an interview like they did ‘forget’ to tell the producer she was coming. The other thing MDQ pointed out was that when the international acts come, their interview is not canceled because they are many and we do know when they come here, they are many! From their producers to managers to their DJ’s even family sometimes.

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What hurts MDQ the most is that she was on her way there when they canceled and that was very unprofessional she says. Here are screenshots of her rant: