Weezdom vs Mr Seed

The gospel industry seems to be losing it. The rate at which scandals are erupting is alarming.

The players of the industry are grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons with the latest being Mr Seed.

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The Dunda hit singer has been accused of cheating on his wife Nimo Gachuiri.

Weezdom has come out to lash at Mr Seed, who accused him of spreading the story of him cheating.

Taking to Instagram he wrote,

Today I’m a sad guy, but I chose to relax because the anger of a man does not produce the righteousness of God (James 1:20). So leo nimekua napigiwa simu na bloggers ati Mr Seed na wife yake wanasema nalipwa niwaharibie jina and that’s why I CHOSE TO COME OUT WITH THE TRUTH because I’m still a growing artist and it’s not fair for someone to go around tarnishing my name. So let me share with you the real truth.

So there’s a story that has been going round that Mr Seed allegedly slept with a certain lady without her consent and as a brother, I approached him to tell him to know how to handle the situation before things get worse. Mr Seed accepted that he knew the lady but unfortunately he did not bother to look for her to sort the issue. He later confronted me (Lucky enough I recorded the conversation just incase things turn against me as is the case right now)

He continued writing a message specifically for Nimoh, Mr Seed’s wife.

You’ve been coached kusema nimelipwa niwaharibie jina (the first voice call attached is going round in whats app groups & blogs) That is Mr Seed’s Friend NDUME who was in the house the day this lady visited. So mkipigia blogs mnamaanisha ni mimi nilileta huyo dem kwa nyumba or I’m responsible for what happened in your absence? Implicating me in this is SO WRONG! Kindly sort your own issues out. If my mistake was telling a friend to try and sort out an issue that involved him, then my bad. Siko interested.

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This didn’t go well with His fans, who bashed him, some saying he was behaving like a child.

lilfelly I pray so hard that I’ll never lack Wisdom like you. Bullshitt

_benray ile ujinga iko Kenya machos tu 😂😢😢😢

shee_bae 😂😂😂 @weezdommusic what do u do again ama umekuwa a #gossippage promote ur songs atleast tuzijue na uachane na boma za wengine whether he cheated or not that’s his problem, mind ur own ooh na uache umama nonsense.

anitashwan As a gospel artist kuanikaa ndo uliona iwe solution kwako au umegain nini sasa kwa kufanya hivi?? How was it hard for you kusolve this issue inbox?? Au what are you trying to show your fans??

Mbona unadhalilisha Gospel industry jamani?? Or don’t you think the Gospel industry will clap their hands and say you’ve done a good nob??? Surely Surely??? Acha kutuaibisha. Solve your problems inbox.

Ikishindikana there is some people whom you can try to talk to atleast hado solution ipatikane lakini kuleta publicly What do you really mean??

alphakips The owner of this post should man up!! Tafuta style ingine ya kutrend bust sio kuchomea wenzako.

wafulamelvin Kwenda uko…una mdomo kama mwanamke wewe..,Wewe nimekuonea kwenye jicho la tatu kwa mda sasa..Pale nyuma ukawa unachomea Bahati kwa willy paul..sahizi umerudi kwa bahati unachomea mwenzako..Una unafki brother👀.

aabidah__.zulfiqar @weezdommusic kwendeni huko nyinyi wote, hamujielewi hata kidogo. What sort of nonsense is this? Wolves in sheep clothing, hamna dhamana yeyote @bahatikenya, hypocrites.

agatahmwangi Eish if u are truly a guy who wanna praise the Lord then u should be in the front line kusaidia kusolve the grudges between nyinyi wote si aty u post such things kuspoil what is already spoilt…..please am ua number one fun but aki apo umeniangusha walai…@weedommusic.

mwoha_njenga Wewe hukosangi mahali kuna mabibi za wenyewe,si juzi ulikua kwa Bahati,sasa uko kwa seed?Si Uoe wako uache kutafuta kiki na bibi za wengine.

therealannemacharia @weezdommusic 🙄🙄🙄How old are you again???, There is more to life than this crap alafu hii shillingi mbili ya ngospel isikufanye umee pembe.

therealannemacharia @weezdommusic 🙄🙄🙄How old are you again???, There is more to life than this crap alafu hii shillingi mbili ya ngospel isikufanye umee pembe🙄🙄🙄.