MCSK and artists have something of a love-hate relationship. One day the Kenyan entertainment scene is toasting their body and the next they have some serious misgivings about it. Take today for instance.

Buganya, one third of one of Kenya’s most successful groups out right now has gone off about MCSK and what he has to say actually makes alot of sense. He took to his Facebook account and said the following:


I finally reached through to the MCSK CEO Maurice Okoth who set the record straight. This is what he had to say:


“The old system was analogue. And while that was the fact of it, it is not to say it was obsolete. It had a very high success rate but when errors were occasioned, some MCSK members took issue and we addressed them and settled on an upgrade to the VERICAST system.
This system will allow artists and even select members of the press to monitor it as it is online based.

Now onto the matter of the revenues collected and the audit. We do infact carry out audits by an independent auditor and we have presented the findings at every AGm since we settled on these new auditors after the members arrived at general consensus.
The members decided to go a different way interms of the auditors and they will be appointed in September at our SGM.

That said, the member of P-Unit who is complaining knows full well that his bandmate (Frasha) is a member of Budget Committee which sits with the management and the Directors of MCSK to agree on annual expenditures and anything that might rise involving money. Why would he run to social media when he can just talk to his friend who is in the know? Or are the complaints disingenuine?”