Mama Dangote

Uncle Shamte is Mama Dangote’s besoted husband. He says that the two are so in love that they are inseparable.

And thanks to her, he became famous since she is the mother to Diamond Platnumz.

“I am her husband. I have married her and I love her. I have been told a lot since I started being with her. Through her, I am now known.”

“If I leave you, I surely will have a brain problem. She is the only woman I have ever married and I will not marry another one. She also had never been married before me,” he told Wasafi.


“I stand with my wife. Whether they say I have been bewitched.”

“Wewe ukinionea huruma kama nimerogwa, basi nitoe. Ukishindwa kunitoa basi uchawi wamama Nasib mkali.”

Mama Dangote


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