corazon kwamboka nipples

Days are gone when socialites were only famous for taking nudies, splashing them everywhere and sleeping around with rich random men for money. Nowadays, things have changed, most of them can pay their own bills without the help of ‘sponsors’.

Curvaceous socialite Corazon Kwamboka is the latest socialite to bag a “mega” deal. The well-endowed lass was recently invited to Highway Secondary school to give a motivational talk to young girls; this year’s candidates.

“I was requested by Highway High school to give these beautiful young women some words of encouragement ahead of their forthcoming mock exams (which is a mirror of KCSE) as the A student that I am. Tomorrow I head to my former high school Lwak Girls’ High School for the Golden Jubilee! I love my town”

She shared with her followers accompanied by the pic below

Corazon Kwamboka

This sparked a heated debate among social media users who called out the school for giving Corazon the platform claiming that they are encouraging young girls to join ‘prostitution’.

Corazon is trying to change people’s perception towards socialites. She wasn’t to show that it is not all about being blond and easy but about using your influence to motivate others.