MCA Tricky is about to peel some ‘wedding bells’. The comedian seems to have taken his hilarious jokes too far. He recently shared a video of himself and his ‘pregnant girlfriend’ on social media.

In the video, the Churchill Show star is seen arguing with the lass over some child support money.

MCA Tricky

Soma kijana! MCA Tricky finally joins high school, huyu sponsor ni nani?

Fans have however taken this seriously and people are now cyber stalking the yellow yellow lady by the name Rose, hoping that their video might come to reality.

In the past, he had denied that he is seeing someone:

‘No, as we speak, I’m not dating. Not at all. My ideal woman is one that can improve my life, even if its by an inch.

I mean, this comedian has kept his romantic life on the down low. But isn’t he the one stirring the rumours that he is dating this particular beautiful lass?

MCA Tricky

Reports tell us that Rose is an entertainer and a good friend and colleague to the comedian. Harusi hatunayo!

Check out the supposed ‘lucky’ woman, one that is driving MCA Tricky cuckoo.