MCA Tricky
In the clown hat

Many have always assumed that Churchill comedian MCA Tricky was a street boy, but an interview with his mentor has proven otherwise.

Although he was on the street for a short while he was not a chokora as many people assume.

Speaking in an interview with his mentor Churchill, MCA Tricky said that a scholarship cut short is what made him come to Nairobi.

‘I was a bright student and after primary school I was given a scholarship but sadly along the way the owner of the school terminated the scholarship.

I then decided to go to Nairobi and I would hang around Uhuru Park.

I used to go there during the day and a hawker would give me something to eat and in return I would help him out.

I also met some people and we would perform skits in primary schools.

Our ‘director had given us a place to sleep.’

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He added,

One day I met someone I used to study with in primary and he lent me Ksh 200, I then went home and when they saw me they were very shocked.

I never told my family that I had no scholarship anymore.’

Tricky joined his dad and together they searched for a new school.

‘I went back to school and expressed myself and they gave me a second chance, I am very eloquent usinione hivi hivi.’ He sarcastically

On graduating  as an aeronautical engineer, MCA said,

‘I am very happy that I am living my dream.’

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