MCA Tricky
MCA Tricky speaks about Ayeiya

MCA Tricky recently spoke to us revealing a lot about himself. One of the aspects that really interested us is that he had not seen comedy as a serious career option when he started out.

He said that he started taking it seriously after he saw people’s reactions to his comedy. He also said that after the success he had on Churchill Show he tried taking his comedy to digital platforms which has been a success for him.

MCA Tricky in a track suit
MCA Tricky in a tracksuit

He said that he had become so successful digitally that even his stand-up had suffered. He says that he is trying to balance the two; his comedy on digital platforms and his stand-up comedy.

Tricky also added that his venture onto radio was totally unexpected as the radio station that employed him interviewed him without him being aware.

MCA also spoke glowingly about Churchill Ndambuki saying that his show had opened up the doors for him. While speaking about musicians he said that he believed that Sauti Sol was better than Diamond but that their creativity is different from the way he wanted his own to be.


He said that he admired Diamond’s style of doing his music and the way he promotes his brand. Tricky clarified that he was now concentrating on building his career and not focusing on relationships.

The comic also spoke about his friendship with fellow Churchill Show comedian Ayeiya, who died in a tragic road accident in April 2017.

Tricky remembered that Ayeiya had been giving out inspirational stories to all and sundry just before his untimely death.

Ayeiya Comedian
Ayeiya Comedian

He also said that Ayeiya was one of the first people to encourage him, explaining that the first job he was called for was through Ayeiya.

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