Women are seen as the pillars and role models in our society. They are respected and seen as kind beings but the things we do at times leave many wondering what type of creatures we are. From fighting each other to doing silly or bad things in public, what picture do you think we are showing to the younger generation?

Well, drama ensued between two women today in Lamu County. Monica Njambi, the Bahari Ward nominated MCA and the Vice Chair – Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock And Co-Operative Development (Lamu County) has been accused of beating The Star Correspondent Jane Wangechi earlier today. The nominated MCA is said to have attacked the journalist accusing her of “giving NCIC a tape where she is charged with hate speech”. Janet denied knowing anything to do with that.

Jane says she was slapped “thrice” on the face and behind her neck while she was walking away from the altercation. She further narrates how the MCA went ahead to call her all sorts of names but she kept quiet and didn’t fight back. The matter has been reported at the Mpeketoni Police Station and here it the OB number.

OB 14/22/8/016

On the other hand, we tried calling Monica. The mheshimiwa was abrupt with us and said she was in a meeting. Pressing her further, the nominated MCA who was attending a public function told Mpasho,

“I did not slap her, I just warned her and next time I see her camera, I will smash it.”

Monica then hang up before we could ask her follow up questions. For those who don’t know Monica, below is her photo.

Monica Njambi

Who is going to be a role model to our generation if those we trust can do such in public? Enyewe adui wa mwanamke in mwanamke mwenzake.