MC Jessy and Shix
MC Jessy and Shix

Shix Kapienga seems to be off the market. The Hot 96 presenter is now being linked to a popular video director by the name VDJ Clyde.

A photo going viral shows Kapienga looking all glammed up and happy as she receives the ring.


With many people saying it could be a stunt, MC Jessy responded to the photo.

He wrote,

Wapi MC Jessy aone hii?…😃

Shix has been rumoured to be dating Jessy and even accused of breaking his marriage.

In a past interview with, the comedian said he was not ready to talk about his relationship with  Shix.

In an interview with Kalekye Mumo, Kapienga said:

I’m also single

When asked if she is a homewrecker who broke up MC Jessy’s marriage, Shix simple replied,

I don’t want to talk about it.

Asked if she was an item with the Comedian, Kapienga said:

Can i just not talk about it. If you don’t mind. I don’t like talking about my personal life and especially when it comes to relationships and family. I keep that to my life. Si lazima kila mtu ajue chenye kina-happen kwa maisha yako.