Months after the death of his comedienne baby mama Tanzanian artiste Mbosso says he is yet to remove her photos from the walls of his house.
Boss Martha died after a short illness, and speaking during an interview with Mbongo 5 he said.

‘I will remove them when the time comes.

Her photos are mementos ,when I see her I feel comforted.

So when you see me hanging her photos there know that it has so many meanings for me.’

The late mother, babay mama to Tanzanian artiste Mbosso

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Mosso is currently not married but is living with his two kids.

‘I am living me with 2 kids. When I see Martha’s photos my heart feels comforted.

One of the many beautiful histories of my life is the relationship I had with Martha.’ 

Martha was an actress and comedienne in Tanzania and was a regular cast in the popular Cheka Tu standup comedy show in Tanzania.

Mbosso is best known for songs such as ‘Katoto Hodari, Zilipendwa among others.’

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