If you want to know more about KTN news anchor Akisa Wandera, then you have come to the right place.

Akisa has opened up like never before to her fans by responding to over 30 questions about her life.

In a past social media post, Akisa said she was thrust into the new anchoring life waaaay before she was ready for it.

Before her stint on KTN, she was at Ebru TV where she said her first day at work was her baptism by fire.

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Akisa was asked to present news during prime time. This is a slot reserved for the pros.

“The 3-4pm news (which I did terribly btw)…It was decided that I would be ‘launched’ that night on prime time. I will have to do a presentation then,” Akisa said in the post.

Since then, there has been no looking back. Now, she is one of the influential voices and faces in the news media.

She made her debut on KTN Prime Time News in March 2016. Her co-anchor at the time,  Ben Kitili, introduced her.

“Allow me to introduce to you the next  big thing in the Kenyan media. The latest addition to KTN’s exceptional pool of talent. Akisa Wandera.”

Recently, she opened up to her fans, asking them to shoot any questions at her. She will respond the best way she knows how.

One question in particular caught my attention.

Akisa was asked by a fan,

“Mbona uko na ujinga hivyo na uko na matako kubwa?”

Being the sport she is, the TV personality responded:


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Check out Akisa’s responses to other questions in the screenshots below.


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