Mother-in-law actors and actresses keep us glued to our screens, But away from acting, most of them are parents some to one and others to many kids.

Below are some of the cast members with their kids.


Jeff Okello popularly known as Ninja acted as the watchman to the Mwamba family, a role he no longer plays.

Ninja Actor

This was after he relocated abroad with his Finnish wife Katja Maria Huhta. He has a daughter Ella and a son named Leo.

Ella ,Daughter to Ninja of mother-in-law.
Leo, son to former mother-in-law actor Ninja alias Jeff Okello.

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She is loved by many thanks to her character.

Many even assume that she and Ras are partners in real life but that is not the case

Although not much is known about her love life, Tina is never shy to flaunt her daughter on her social media platforms.

Below is a photo of Tina, her mum and the daughter.

Tina ,mother-in-law actress with her daughter and mum.
Daughter to mother-in-law actress Tina


John Githui is his real name.

He has a daughter Abi Natasha, a son named Liam and his last born daughter Prinita.

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