Kenyan politicians seem to have been blessed. No, really. Because some of them look like constipated leprechauns but their offspring are usually fine like wine. So I guess this is proof of dumba? Or perhaps it’s proof of eugenics at work?

im-just-sayin meme

So it got me thinking; why not curate a list of the scions of Kenya’s most vocal and visible politicians who are rather fetching? Not necessarily ranking them according to most attractive to least attractive (I genuinely feel that would take far too long and I am not feeling that motivated) but a simple look at the children and a celebration of their beauty.

Think about it, isn’t beauty meant to be celebrated?

Lesgerrit in!

How did this meme creep in here?
How did this meme creep in here?

#1. Nur Firyal (Amb Amina Mohamed’s daughter)

Why lie, this lass is fine gan! And as if that weren’t enough, she’s dating one of President Kenyatta’s sons!

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#2. Lupita Nyong’o (Anyang’ Nyong’o’s daughter)

This was something of an unfair addition to the list given she’s so Hollywood!

#3. Salma Mbuvi (Mike Sonko’s daughter)

And this beauty is Mike Sonko’s daughter so you know you can’t play around here.

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#4. Talisa Moi (Moi’s granddaughter)

Moi’s granddaughter is definitely something to write home about. She is currently a student at ST. Andrews in the UK.
#5. Ngina Kenyatta (Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter)

The first daughter is definitely a gadget so you know I was always going to have her on the list.
#6. Josephine Ndung’u (Ferdinand Waititu)

This one is Ferdinand Waititu’s daughter… Talk about being heavily reliant on mummy dearest! And she’s a lawyer to boot!