The hit song, Mtoto Si Nguo is possibly one of the songs that influence famous Kenyan parents to have kids.

The duty should not be taken for granted because of God’s will.

There are many celebrities who have not been lucky enough to have children of their own, but that’s not their fault, it’s all according to God’s will.

Well, in the local entertainment industry, we have several celebrities who are blessed with kids. They are proud mothers and fathers.
Despite their busy schedules, they are loving and caring parents. They spare some time to spend with their offspring just like their counterparts from across the world.
But there is something that attracts the eyes of their fans. Some of these celebrities and their children bear a striking resemblance. The children are often spitting images of their parents.
From Deputy President William Ruto, to celebrated gospel singer DJ Mo, meet children who look nearly identical to their famous Kenyan parents.
Tina Kaggia’s firstborn

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz’ son resembles both of them

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna’s son Naseeb
 Wahu and Tumiso
Prezzo and his daughter
 Kanda King and his son

Terence Creative and Milly Chebby’s daughter Milla Netai resembles her mother

Terence Creative
Milly Chebby and Terence Creative’s daughter Milla Natei
Debbie Asila and her daughter with Shaffie Weru
Octopizzo and his first daughter
William Ruto and his children
William Ruto
Alvin Kabogo and his dad William Kabogo

DJ Mo’s children Ladasha and Muraya Jnr are his photocopy

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Jaguar and kids


The Starehe MP with one of his daughters
Jaguar and his look alike son
Jaguar’s son