Lynda Nyangweso

Celebrated radio personality Lynda Nyangweso celebrates her birthday today and the love she has received from her friends is overwhelming.

Lynda, who has been a victim of bullying in the past, has in a witty post asked people to be kind as she needs no negative energy on her birthday.

hi friends. today is my happy born day.

please say nice things to me and pretend you knew its was my womb exit day before Facebook or this totally cringe post happened.

Lynda Nyangweso

Thank you kindly especially to my daughter who goes into hysterics when anyone attempts to tell her I’m not actually 20. that’s the kind of energy I’m channeling. #proceedwithpretending

Lynda’s brother went on to celebrate his sister on her big day but was quick to remind her that no matter what he is older than her.

Just remember, I’m still the first! Always! Happy birthday second born. 😋😎

Lynda Nyangweso


Fellow celebrities have taken to social media to celebrate Lynda on her birthday and among them if ex Kiss FM radio host Adelle Onyango

‘In an industry that’s so cold, thank you for being a genuine pocket of warmth and fun!

Wishing you a stress free year full of happiness, warmth and love – you deserve nothing less!’Adelle Wrote

‘I wanted to commit suicide,’ Lynda Nyangweso talks about cyber-bullying

Another wrote

Happy Happy Happy birthday beautiful lady! I enjoy you so much on these social medias and CANNOT wait to meet you in real life!

May this new year be filled with laughter, cake, success and orgasms!

Janet Mbugua wrote

Happy birthday Lynda! ❤️

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