Peter Blessing

The drama between Bahati and Peter Blessing seems to be getting more murkier after Bahati talked ill about Blessing’s mum on YouTube.

Speaking partly on his YouTube, Bahati said,

‘I knew the story was choreographed after Peter Blessing’ mum talked to Mpasho.

She said ‘mtoto wangu wamemtumia sana, For a woman who never knew someone in Nairobi she was even given their number for her to call them.

She said her son has helped us make millions but only paid ksh 3000.

Guys if you have been following this you saw me give Peter ksh 3,000 to use as fare.’

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho Peter said his mother and grandfather have cried so much because of Bahati.

‘Bahati made my parents cry and regret so much, my grandfather too.

At first, my mum used to think I had done something to make Bahati treat me that way but after all these dramas she knows the truth.’

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Peter narrated how Bahati at one point snatched away his phone despite knowing he was travelling to go and visit his mum in Voi.

‘There is a time I was traveling to Voi and Bahati took my phone away. My mother was very concerned given that she did not have a way to communicate with me.

On being called by mum for five days he ignored her calls and her texts so my mum let him be.

 When I hear him saying that my mum talked rudely to him. I wonder.’

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‘It’s not good for an adult (Bahati) to create lies just to seek sympathy from people. I will not argue, the truth will come out some day.’

Like every person, Peter said he did not like how his mother was being disrespected by someone who is not his agemate (Bahati).

‘I would go home and find my mum angry and on asking her ananiambia, ‘Peter hawa watu wananinyima amani’ [meaning these people have denied me peace]. Everyone makes mistakes but they assume that they are always right.’

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He added that at some point Bahati even had the courtesy of ‘bragging’ about how he had scolded Peter Blessing’s mum.

‘He would tell me ‘huyo mama yako ‘nilimtetesha’. Whenever I asked for cash to send to my family he would ask me to leave my family alone. he would say, ‘What is family?’ he would ask further stating that ‘nafaa kuachana nao’.

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