A Kenyan woman identified as Aoko Maverick has left women agitated after stating they should give out sex freely attaching no monetary value to it.

She slammed women who are constantly asking for pesa ya Uber, salon money among other things.

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This saw her win the favour of Kenyan men who have suffered greatly at the hands of women.

Ikus ni kama Injili.

Tulipewa bure. Peaneni bure.

Women attach demands on her punani- “tuma Uber kwanza, simu kwanza, doo za salon ndio nikuje,” huyo ako biashara. Spend on ur girls out of chivalry, but she has no right over ur money! Atafute yake.’ she tweeted.

She also blasted women who use their private parts as a bargaining tool.

They now think having a pu$$y makes them somehow special.

A young woman today cannot brew tea without consulting YouTube. Meet her at a club sipping Fanta, offer her a drink and she suddenly acquires a taste for Cabernet sauvignon wine.

I am tired of how others have just been equivocating and prevaricating instead of saying things as they are so as to ameliorate the situation. Truth is, have veered off track as young women. 

I all you want, we must get back on course.’


On a different tweet she called out women who pretend to hate men yet they are busy using sex toys.