Months after breaking up with her baby daddy, Maureen Waititu has revealed that her ex being in the delivery room didn’t affect their sex life.

Some of her fans wondered if his presence in the delivery ward could have led to their breakup, which she responded to by saying,

‘No that was not it. It did not affect our sex life. There is more to that.’

 Maureen Waititu revealed that there was a time in her life she blamed herself for their broken marriage.

‘Unfortunately, I have been raised alone. Just me and my mum. My father has never been in my life.

It has affected me and my marriage and I realized this after the break down of my marriage.

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Maureen Waititu

And I started blaming myself saying maybe it is because of how I have been raised without a father which makes me not know how to keep a man.’

Maureen and Frankie had two kids and by the look of things he has moved on.

Word on the street is that he has been warming up to Corazon Kwamboka.

We can only wait and see if Maureen will move on anytime soon, because by the look of things she is still in love.

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