Maureen Waititu

Social media influencer and vlogger Maureen Waititu seems to have learned a bitter lesson over her public feud with ex, Frankie Kiarie.

The two have had a war of words after they split.

Frankie got Maureen kicked out of his mother’s house and Maureen branded him a dead beat.

Their drama was the talk of town for weeks on end.

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Now, Maureen has vowed never to let her private life be fodder for netizens, ever again.

In an interview on NTV, Maureen explained,

“When we got on social media with Frankie, we did not know. We were very young. Very innocent. I will never put my marriage out on social media. I can tell people there is someone but not show him off.”


“I have regretted. Anything that goes on social media is permanent. If you show people a lot, they will scrutinize. People say things they do not know. Although the truth hurts, I will never show my man on social media.” she added.

Maureen and her ex-boyfriend ran a YouTube channel dubbed The Alphabeta where they documented their life together with their two sons.

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