At this point almost everyone is trying to grow their hair and here are some of the hair masks people have recommended.

Eggs– the idea is simple just break a few eggs on a cup and mix it well. Apply on your hair as a mask.

Mayonnaise and avocado– blend the two together and apply on your hair let it sit in for some time then wash it off.

Bananas– blend ripe bananas and coconut milk let it sit in for 30 min then rinse it off.

Milk– just simple plain milk, apply and massage onto your hair and scalp. Rinse it off for soft hair.

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Rice water-wash the rice thoroughly then soak it in water for around two days to a week. Drain the rice and use the remaining water that comes from the rice. Apply it on your hair and let it sit in for some time then rinse it off.

Aloe vera- cut the aloe vera plant into half and scrape off the mucus like part of it. Sieve and leave the liquid part of it then apply it to your hair and after some time rinse it off.

Honey, egg and apple cider- this is good for dry hair. Mix all the ingredients together, apply to hair and let it sit for around 40 min then rinse off.

Green tea- recommended to soothe your scalp. Just make green tea and apply it onto your hair. After some time rinse it out.

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