Matt Mauser husband to Christina Mauser, a basketball coach who died alongside Kobe Bryant has opened up on how her death affected him.

Christina who was at the time of her death only aged 38, left behind 3 kids and her youngest daughter celebrated her fourth birthday this month.

The first and the last birthday without her mother besides her.

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Kobi Bryant
Wreckage of Kobe Bryant’s private chopper

Matt, who celebrated his daughter’s fourth birthday, had earlier in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper talked about how hard it is without his wife around

“My little one, her birthday’s next week, that’s the hard part. 

“I’m trying to navigate that.

I’d walk in and she would call for mom and now I walk in, she doesn’t call for her.

It’s bittersweet because I want her to still call for her mom,” he added. 

I think she gets it, she knows we’re grieving.

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The late Christina and her last born


Mauser, who also has a 9-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter, also discussed his own grief, describing the days following his beloved wife’s death as a “roller-coaster ride.”

“I’m up, I’m down, I cry for no reason whatsoever, and then I’m okay,” he told Cooper.

I woke up this morning and I said, ‘I’m okay. I think I’m okay,’ and then I walked out and I started to cry. And then I saw my kids and I started to cry.”

Christina Mauser died on 26/01/2020 morning when the helicopter they were traveling in crashed amid foggy conditions and burst into flames in the hills above Calabasas.

She was riding in Kobe Bryant’s helicopter before it crashed killing everyone on board.

Below are some photos of the Mauser’s before the death of their mum.

Matt Mauser , his late wife Christina and their kids
The late Christina Mauser and her husband Matt. She denied alongside Kobe Bryant.

May God give this family strength to overcome their loss.



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