Corporal punishment is still experienced in many Kenyan schools.

Almost everyone has an experience of how it feels like when thoroughly beaten by a teacher who cares less about the amount of pain they inflict on you.

We all know that teachers are the ones who beat students, but it is different in this case. A teacher tried to beat the hell out of a primary pupil and got beaten instead.

Questions Raised After Female High School Teacher Was Found Hanging Inside A Guest House

In the video, the female teacher is seen raining canes on a female pupil who overcomes the teacher’s strength and beats her down. What happens next is pandemonium¬†from all over twith¬†the other pupils heckling. The girl is then separated from the teacher.

WAH! Student Takes Own Life After Teachers Asked Him To Repeat Form Three

It is evident that this might have been a personal vendetta between the pair as they fought like they were of the same age.

Isn’t this an abomination?

Here is the video: