Kenrazy and Sosuun
Kenrazy and Sosuun

Celebrity couple Kenrazy and Sosuun are among the artistes who’ve been in marriage for more than four years.

The talented artistes have also managed to stay relevant in the competitive Kenyan music industry and are still a gem!

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Kenrazy and Sosuun are blessed with two kids and the young mother has revealed that they’ve been together since childhood.

Sosuun shared a TBT photo of her and Kenrzay before fame and narrated their love journey.

Kenrazy and Sosuun
Kenrazy and Sosuun

She wrote,

Just two kids who decided to grow into adulthood together, what we have seen and experienced in life together is a whole book full of lessons although we never talk about it but laugh and smile with almost everyone we meet, take in both the good and the BS that is uncontrollable sometimes in our chaotic industry and careers. but u know it is what it is baiby, we got each other and God gat us, through every single step i’ll always be here to back you up until we both reach our goals in life and WE WILL❤❤

The Mbilikimo Mkora hitmaker commented on his wife’s post, promising her nothing but love till the end.

Wow! Nothing compares baibey #SpecialBond and we just getting started. #LoveYouAlways 😘 #WaseeWaPower 💪

Last weekend, the couple left revelers at the OktoberFest event mesmerized after an electrifying performance.

Kenrazy and Sosuun

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The couple’s love story has inspired many and reactions include;


nazizihirji 🔥💥🙌 happy for u guys ❤️

alex_mwakideu Wow 💯

hootmaggie Heeeeee hee 😅ata kama pesa n sabuni aki mbna mimi ijai niosha nkachange colour 😅😅😅

frankyromain An inspiration

mawazialemo That was a match made in Heaven bro

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yvonne_kuria One of my favorite couples!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

do_a.k.e.l.l.o Mlikuwa mnashare gloves😂😂😂 and the hair is pretty cool! 😂😂😂The transformation is beautiful @sosuun

sherryl.akinyi Love wins

shannitto_shann @kenrazykenya 🤣🤣🤣 sosuun na flag ya Kenya kichwani…Issamust major TBT guys…#WaseeWaPower

ceootieno I love this! Congratulations @kenrazykenya @sosuun

valarietweets @sosuun 👏👏👏 may you continue having each others back. God bless you two and family❤️❤️