MasterPiece a Kenyan artiste has opened up on how fellow artiste Bahati blocked him from performing at a show without any provocation.

Speaking to Mpasho, he explained why he called his “ibilisi” someone with a dirty heart “kama ya duster”.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, MasterPiece went on to reveal why the two fell out.

‘Bahati was my guy, but we no longer are. Some things happened, He called me for a show in 2018 during the new year’s eve.

I had three shows on that day, in Makueni, Nairobi, and Thika.


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After leaving Makueni, I immediately left the stage I took my car drove out at a high speed and left for Thika.

I risked a lot that night only to be told that Bahati told his bodyguard to tell us our show had been canceled. I did not expect such a thing from him.’

MasterPiece added,

‘I did not expect such a thing from him and thus I was very shocked.

He had an issue with Mr. Seed on the same night so I left and went for another show in town.’

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Mathew 5:8 says that,

‘Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.’

I am not speaking from an angle of hatred I am just saying the truth.

I used to connect him to my friends to help him dress for shows.’

When called for comment, Bahati disconnected the call saying,

“You only call me when there is a scandal.”

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