Controversial Kenyan man of God Prophet  David Owour has been grabbing headlines of late for all the wrong reasons.

The Repentance and Holiness Ministry founder has been in a tussle with a family over the control and occupancy of a Sh1.5 billion property in Westlands, Nairobi.

Prophet Owuor, who is known for his flashy lifestyle was accused by the family of Jayne Muthoni of forcefully taking over four-story apartments (Dove Court) belonging to her located along Rhapta Road in Westlands.

Dove Court apartments
Family accuses Dr Owuor of taking over Dove Court apartments

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They claimed that the mightiest prophet as his followers refer to him, coerced Muthoni to appoint one of his followers Lily Njage, as a co-director in Shaba Investment Limited, the registered owner of the flat.

The property is controlled by Prophet Owuor and recently when the media visited the Dove Court Apartments, where, Muthoni also lives, things were different.

According to the star, Muthoni’s assistant and church administrator Lily Njage was living in the posh apartments in a presidential suite.

Dove Court apartments

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Muthoni also lived in the same compound but in a lean furnished house in the same compound. The Star reported that her living room was dotted with transcribed scriptures and dozens of sermons by Owour.

Prophet Owuor

The family claimed Muthoni was not of sound mind and at times, she would be starved if she met any of her family members. At one point, Jane was locked up in a room and excommunicated from the church for three months.

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Her brother Duncan Njagi told the Star

My sister was threatened and she had to go back and that was when she went through hell for three months. She was being beaten and they did not allow any family member to see her.


She was beaten up for escaping, starved in this house (pointing at the house). She was even demoted from being a bishop as a measure to teach her lesson. Can you imagine being caged in the apartments you own?’questioned Njagi.

Here is the video of the apartments

Well, on rental income, if both the two blocks (Dove court apartments) are fully occupied by tenants, around Sh2 to Sh 3 million would be generated.

Dove court apartments
Inside the living room of Dove court apartments

Recently, Prophet Owuor’s workers’ salaries list leaked and he indeed pays handsomely. The gatekeepers pocket Sh50,000 home every month.

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The controversial man of God is also known for driving around in expensive cars heavily guarded.