Mary Wambui
The late Mary Wambui

Mary Wambui was murdered this past weekend. Her body was found on Sunday at Courtesy beach within Juja sub-county with visible head injuries.

Her husband and his alleged lover are the prime suspects in the murder. A message she posted on her social media page is eliciting some reactions from netizens about whether she knew her time on earth was nearly at an end.

Mary Wambui
The late Mary

In a Facebook post she put up a nearly a month ago, the mother of two shares a video in which she bids farewell to her friends. In the video, she delivers her speech while driving along Thika Road.

Wambui speaks as a popular South African worship song, “Nara Ekele Mo” (Take My Thanksgiving) by Travis Greene and Tim Godfrey, plays in the background.

Mary had close to 3000 followers on Facebook. She told her followers:

Cheka tu (just laugh) Sylvia, bye guys. Love this God with all your heart and soul. Don’t lose hope and be patient in everything despite what you are going through in life.

Mary Wambui and Joseph Karue
Mary Wambui and husband Joseph Karue

She added in her video message:

Just stick to God. It’s just a matter of time. There is nothing that lasts forever; just be patient with Him even if it will take seven or 20 years. He has been patient to us. That is my parting shot, bye.

Mary Wambui
The late Mary posing with her car

This message is now being referenced by some as an indicator that she might have known her time was about to come to an end. I don’t think so. I think her message reads like someone who was waiting for a breakthrough in her life, someone who was looking forward to many more years on this earth.

What do you think?

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