Man crying

A young man is paying for his sins after eating the forbidden fruit. According to this man, he had an affair with a married woman, who infected him with an STD.

‘My NUNU Is Itching And Sometimes Gets Swollen,’ Woman Cries For Help

He claims using the toilets has become a nightmare as his nether regions are paining. Despite the many measures put in place to help people have safe sex, some still go on and have unprotected sex and in most cases, a large number contract sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

“I’ve been infected by a married woman with STD. What is the world coming to when married women are not clean: 2 weeks now I cannot use the toilet because I’m in pain. 
God help us.
I wish like dropping anonymous with her husband.
I wonder if he is infected too.”

Check out reactions from social media users:

Michealishiekwene: But when u were sleeping with the married woman, you didn’t think about u catching something. Don’t be offended, it’s just your share of it

Agnesanastasiaabubakar: That’s your punishment for sleeping with a married woman

Aarhnie: Serves you right’re lucky she didn’t give you HIV

Ibiteevah: We should ask what the world is turning to cuz I don’t know how u had an encounter with a married woman

Jullyposh: She could be infected by her cheating husband. They are both cheating.

Reservemylove: 😂😂😂😂 sorry but did that even make sense?! You’re upset that the married woman (who isn’t your wife) has infected you with an STD yet you wonder if her husband is infected also? Here’s the gag bro, maybe the husband infected her with his own cheating🌝🙃🤔

Bendthetrend: Karma Got you 🤣🤣

Timilehin: You should be happy it’s not HIV 🙄

Rebecca: I do not understand. LMAO. so she’s sleeping with only you bah. If she’s cheating with you then she’s cheating with someone else too

Prettymeggy: Her husband or d numerous sugar boy she sleeps with like u must have infected her..Your exact reason of lamenting is what I don’t know after all you had an unprotected sex so you should expect anything

Ejiwunmiphemy: That’s what you get for banging a married woman

Trevbil: Ignoring the fact that you’re sleeping with a married woman, you should understand that unprotected sex with an “unfaithful” partner presents risks

Tellmarh: See this mumu. Better carry yourself to the hospital.

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