Kiss radio host Jalango has defended Embattled Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa after it emerged that she has been in a six-year relationship her bodyguard.

The expose left many wondering why a woman of such stature would date a married man.

According to Kamene Goro, she is disappointed in Aisha for dating Geoffrey Otieno, who is married.

‘I am disappointed in Aisha Jumwa, because the man she is dating already has a wife.

My problem is that the duty to protect a marriage is upon a man but most don’t do that.

If you wanted all sorts of ladies why get married?’


Jalango came to Aisha’s defense stating that they were both adults capable of making decisions affecting their lives.

‘Let me tell you something, Aisha Jumwa has all the instruments to know if her bodyguard is married or not.

The relationship has been going on for six years so Aisha knew the guard is married, the  bodyguard’s wife knows so does everybody.’

Further adding,

Who told you that Aisha and the bodygaurad have not officiated their union? People who hide their marital status ndio wabaya.’

Below are some of the hilarious reasons why women go out with married men.
yvonnemuna: Because married men are not stubborn like these single guys. They already know what responsibility is and they act accordingly to it.
timbemarion: As far as the wife is not complaining I don’t think Kuna shida hapo kamene maybe the wife is even supporting this you know.
jamessuvijay: All these ladies crave for us when we get married. When I was a bachelor Everytime I told a lady I have a girlfriend they ran away. Now that I have a wife they’re all running towards me.😂
omg_its_lu_lu: Because married men are like rental cars , you use them and return them back. You don’t have to cook, clean or cater to them.
theatricsmasenoofficial:They believe they are more experienced and romantic 😅😅
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