Anita Nderu
Anita posing

Anita Nderu celebrated her birthday this week. The theme was a pink pyjama party. She wrote concerning the special day on her Instagram page:

My heart is full of joy and gratitude right now.
My friends and family drove halfway across town, some even got lost but drove around till they found the location just to spend my special day with me. Thank you so much! I love you all and appreciate you more than words can explain.
Yesterday I laughed, cried happy tears, got tonnes of hugs and kisses, watched my different circles of loved ones get to know each other, ate way too much cake, took tonnes of pictures that I shall upload all week and was lights out by midnight 😂
Thank you so so much for all the presents, I just finished opening them, there was no card on some of them please text me and let me know it was from you?

Anita Nderu birthday
Anita Nderu with her brother

We contacted the entertainer and asked her a few questions about the past year. She said the highlight of her 29th birthday was being alive:

I am glad I made it through the year.

This would make sense as she disclosed last month that she had battled depression for five months last year. She talked about going through mental torture and thanked her friends for always picking up her calls and lending a listening ear when she was going through a tough time.

Anita Nderu
The entertainer

Anita celebrated her birthday with family and close friends. Was there a special someone in her life to share the day with? She replied that she is dating but will “never gives any information” about her significant other.

Anita Nderu
Looking good in denim

Anita also divulged that she wasn’t looking to get married any time soon, as it wasn’t a priority for her. On the issue of having kids, the MC revealed that it was a huge responsibility saying:

I don’t think most people realise how big a responsibility having children is, so I am not willing to bring anyone into this world until I am sure that I can take great care of him.

Anita Nderu
On the set of the Trend

Signing off, Anita said she is looking forward to having a great year ahead.

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