Anerlisa and Ben Pol

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai and her hubby have had a rough patch in her marriage to Ben Pol.

For the longest time, the couple has kept their private life hush hush until recent when Ben Pol had an interview with Millard Ayo.

He was asked point-blank, is your marriage having issues?

Ben Pol said, “To say the truth, I also would like to talk about it because we got a lot of support from people who would also like to know the status of our marriage, but at the moment out of respect allow me not to talk about it. But I will address this at a later date.”

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Changing tack, Millard asked, what advice he would give anyone who is planning to get into marriage?

“First thing, pray to God to give you a good person. That is very important because if you use looks and not consider the inner person it will be hard. Marriage is a gamble so if you did not look at those aspects or involved God then the chances of losing out is hard. If you pray to god and put him first you will get your soulmate even if they will have their shortcomings it will be easy to cope.”

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He said when he has issues in his marriage, they usually go either to the padre and now that he is a Muslim a sheikh.

Ben Pol advised,

“Don’t wait for there to be issues, go see a couple’s counsellor and go there and work on your marriage and selves. Make it a habit to also pray together.”

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Asked what he thinks about fellow celebrities DMing Anerlisa, yet they know she is married. Ben Pol explained,

“I have witnessed that but it doesn’t bother me because you are dealing with your wife not dealing with outside forces. The only problem is when they change or when you start fighting with the outside forces that drain your energy. You will not think about gifting your lover with flowers because your sole focus will be fighting hanger ons.”

Ben Pol said the seedy DMs come from various entertainers, producers and even actors but she doesn’t pay them mind.

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