All Njugush wanted to do was to support his wife’s BFF, Neomi Nganga.

The comedian attended the much publicised Miss Kenya Plus World 2019 at Garden City Mall over the weekend only for him to cause friction in his marriage.

Njugush, himself married to a curvy babe, could not help but ogle at the beauties strutting on the runway.

When he saw one of his favourite models, he couldn’t hold back his excitement. He just started screaming and then his wife caught him red-handed and recorded him.

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Njugush and Celestine

Celestine posted the video on social media and gave him an ultimatum.

A worried Njugush told his fans, “When you are caught cheering a favourite in a #missplusworldkenya pageant 😭😭😭. Keep me in your prayers guys.”

The drama did not end on Instagram, or at Garden City, it carried on to their home.

Celestine hapendagi ujinga.

She locked him out of the house that Saturday night.

Njugush had no option but to humbly ask his wife for forgiveness.

He begged,

I am here to ask for forgiveness. Mosquitos have really bitten me all night. And the boys club are laughing at me.

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NjugushTrying to win her back, Nugush of course had to flatter her with all the big and heavy words he could think of talking about her beauty.

But Celestine was not falling for it at all.

She shot back at him,

Stop distracting me away from the problem. What were you doing at a plus size event? And then what made you scream so loud at the event?

Njugush defended himself saying, he did not even notice the girls, his cheering was purely inspired by the splendour of the decor and the lights.

It is not clear if Celestine fell for his excuses but Njugush has a lot of explaining to do to Mama Tugi to get back on her good graces.

Tutakuombea bro.

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