Have you seen the rate at which employee’s at NTV are leaving? We have been waking up to the news that someone has left, then someone else has left, then another! We really do not know what’s going on but clearly, something is cooking.

Mark Masai
Mark Masai. photo credit: instagram/Mark Masai

Mark Masai a news anchor at NTV still has his job but struggling to answer a few things in the newsroom. The trend now is people leaving and he wakes up to the question:

Unaenda lini?

Which may seem like a joke now but this is actually something serious because these are the familiar faces we have been seeing for the longest time.

Mark Masai

Mark Masai posted a comment on his timeline saying:

Common question in the newsroom now: Unaenda lini?

The few journalists we have seen leave NTV seem to be doing well for themselves. From Larry Madowo who is now at BBC and Jamila Mohammed who has a top position at Citizen TV to Victoria Rubadiri who is rumored to be replacing Lilian Muli. Well despite the trouble at NTV, the journalists seem to be growing themselves as media personalities.

Kazi imeisha! Larry Madowo explains why he’s left NTV (screenshot)

Mark Masai is a favorite of many so we do wish him the best wherever he decides to be but the ladies will agree with me he should not leave our screens.

Here is a screenshot of Mark Masai’s post: