From secular to gospel this is the major shift that took place in Cannibal’s career and life as well.

There was a lot of questions on why the musician opted for that move and speaking during an interview with Mbuvi on Coffee with Mbuvi, he explained his struggles with demonic forces that drained the life out of him.

Cannibal also cautions those fond of going to clubs claiming that from his own life experience clubs are where demons are located and out to draw people to their side

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Cannibal wasn’t always as holy as he may seem right now, in fact, a better part of his life the musician has lived a carefree life.

Cannibal got into the music industry way back in the early 90s when he was still in class 7. For him, success in music came through him winning Kisima awards and later on collaborating with artists such as Sharama, Ukoo Flani and Maumau group.

He was later on introduced to a Tanzanian man who got him into demonic worship to the extent of feeding on dead human flesh and the ability to talk with the demons and be made aware of things beforehand.

All this may seem like success on his part but the artist explains that things got worse to the extent of lacking food and gigs that he and his family heavily relied on.

The artist also adds that the demons used to suck his blood. He, later on, became a prayerful man but was still in the secular world.

Cannibal explains a scenario where he met up with a very attractive woman who sat alone in the bar. Cannibal got attracted to her and went to charm her as a man and try winning her over as he ordered a drink for her.

Cannibal said in the interview that the woman was an agent of the devil that was purposely set to attract men into the demonic world.

He then goes ahead to caution people especially secular artists on what happens in the clubs.

For him he cautions people to be wary as clubs houses demonic forces. “Mashetani yupo kwenye vilabu.” Warned the artist.

The Mombasa based artist explains that he was not aware of the lady being possessed and became close to her.

The lady even accompanied him to church and it was there that the pastor of the church identified her as an agent of the devil.

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The pastor asked to be left alone with the beautiful lady and she battled with her demons. He narrates that later on witnessed an unbelievable scene of the lady at his house being punished by the demons for attending church, the lass would get chocked so hard that she vomited blood.

Cannibal had to take quick action of fleeing from the lady by drawing her far from his place as he was afraid that she would die in his place.

When all seem to be going on well and Cannibal embarked on his musical journey still as a secular artist. A UK based promoter took notice of his work and was impressed to the extent of wanting to sign the artist in the international label of Sony.

For Cannibal he knew his career would change significantly and success would be just a step away. The promoter then made his way into the country for him and Cannibal to seal the agreement with a contract.

The excitement of the artist was crushed when a girlfriend of the promoter revealed disturbing details of the promoter being a member of the Illuminati, for the lady she cautioned the artist on her assumptions which the promoter later on confirmed.

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He insisted in signing Cannibal in the label and the artist too was very much interested in spite of him being aware of the revelations of his cult.

Thinking that it was the normal contract to sign, the promoter shocked the artist that a contract in Illuminati is signed by performing a blood covenant.

Cannibal then had to cook up excuses and flee.

In spite of running away from salvation on various occasion, he, later on, surprised his fans when he finally bid his former secular life goodbye and joined the gospel industry.

With the collaboration of gospel hit, Kwani remix, fans were left tongue-tied with the shift in which he reveals came about after he was approached by the spirit of God wanting him to turn a new leaf in his life.

Rapper Cannibal had made up his mind to quit music but says God spoke to him to use his talent to serve him.

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