Joey Muthengi

Media personality Joey Muthengi is one of the most beautiful celebrities we have in the 254.

Her beauty leaves us spellbound, however,  there’s one thing that is low-key about her and that is her love life. Not that she is seeing someone and has chosen to lay low but because due to her past relationship disappointments she has been left with no other option but to be a loner. Joey in an interview on Jessy Junction said she is open to love and wants to try out online dating to meet her prince charming.

If there is a woman that many may question why she is still single owing to her attractiveness it must be TV girl Joey Muthengi. Not only is she beautiful and smart but she is kind hearted and down to earth as well but when it comes to relationships she chooses to shut the door to love. Jessy Junction host MC Jessy is one among many who was left with questions on why the gorgeous lady is not interested in getting into a relationship after all many would be rushing and knocking at her door to get her cuffed.

Joey Muthengi

Joey Muthengi revealed that the reason she chooses to be single is because of her nasty past relationships.

“I think I’ve been in some terrible relationships to be honest and that made me retreat … as long as I’m by myself nobody could take advantage of me.” She said.

The beauty also opened up about dating her high school sweetheart in a long distance relationship who wanted to settle down. Joey chose career over love. The relationship then ended and afterwards she found out he got married on Facebook when she saw photos of their wedding. Her exes marriage did hurt her but she had chosen a different path regardless.

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As much as Joey Muthengi seems to be closing her doors to love she reveals that with the right man she is willing to finally give in. Muthengi said she does not have an ideal man in terms of physical appearance but simplicity, honesty and a realer are some of her top qualities that she wants in a man.

The former rapper then took things a notch higher by revealing that she is now ready to find love on the internet through online dating as dating in Nairobi is a mess judging from her own experience. She also came out to speak on battling depression to the point of contemplating taking her own life but made it clear that it was not because of her dating life but the major issue was handling switching up schools as she felt out of place.