Things are thick.

New details from the police indicate that Jacque Maribe could be charged with murder.

Brian Kassaine, Jacque Maribe’s neighbour has turned state witness against Jowie and his fiancée. He was freed yesterday and in his statement, according to the police, Brian revealed that on September 20th, the fateful day Monica was murdered, Jowie went to his house and asked for paraffin ‘to burn some items that were disturbing him’.

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 Kassaine said he told Jowie that he did not have any paraffin in his house. He went ahead to tell the police that ‘both Maribe and Jowie used cans of air freshener to burn clothes in their compound.’
On September 21, Jowie attempted suicide by shooting himself with a gun he had borrowed from Kassaine. According to the timeline of Monica Kimani’s murder as reported, here’s an extract of what happened on the night of 21st.

Friday, September 21

1.00am – Jowie storms a popular club in Westlands wearing pyjamas and a pair of slippers and he seems angry. Apparently, he has been looking for Maribe and after a few minutes, he managed to trace her to the establishment, where she’s partying with her with her friends and colleagues including a popular politician and media personalities.
Jowie tries to make his way to the VIP area but is restricted by security. He’s later allowed in after the VIPs leave and he and Maribe have a bitter confrontation before leaving.

They get into an argument at her Royal Park Apartment house number 626, where Jowie is suspected to have grabbed a pistol and shot himself on the right side of the chest. The bullet exits from the back and hits the wall, leaving a hole.

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1.02am -Jowie Irungu runs out of the house and bangs on his neighbour’s gate (Brain Kassaine). Kassaine hesitates to open the gate but when the banging persists, he concludes it could only be either Maribe or Irungu who were in the habit of running to him whenever they had a fight. He wakes up opens the gate to find Jowie bleeding and lying down. Jowie tells Brian (the owner of the gun he used to shoot himself) that he had shot himself and asks him to go and secure the gun at Jacque’s house.

1.05am – Kassaine goes to Ms. Maribe’s house and finds the gun, a Ceska Serial Number B467102 with 28 rounds of 9mm ammunition and one spent cartridge on the floor at the entrance to the walk-in closet adjacent to the bedroom.

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Both Jacque Maribe and Jowie are in remand until Monday when they will take pleas for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Kassaine, on the other hand, has been ordered by Kiambu Principal Magistrate Justus Kituku to be reporting to the DCI every Thursday for two months to facilitate the investigation. He will also surrender his passport to detectives to ensure he doesn’t travel out of the county. He said;

The suspect is informed that failure to comply with the orders, the police will be at liberty to seek a warrant of arrest from this court. 

Kassaine will be arraigned in court on December 14 for further hearing.


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