Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani
Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani

The family of  slain businesswoman Monica Kimani is still mourning, hoping for justice to be served.

Monica was killed two weeks ago, and her body dumped in a bathtub at her house in Kilimani. Joseph Irungu, aka Jowie, who’s Jacque Maribe’s fiance, is the prime suspect in her murder.

Monica Kimani
Monica Kimani

Both Maribe and Jowie are in custody, where they will stay for a few more days as they wait for police to complete the investigations.

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Well, a lot of information surrounding the death of Monica Kimani after she arrived in Nairobi from Juba  has come to light and below is the timeline of events:

Wednesday, September 19

6.21pm – 28-year-old businesswoman Monica Kimani arrives in Nairobi and calls her brother George to announce her arrival, tells him she see her family tomorrow before leaving for Dubai for her birthday

7.30pm – Monica is dropped off by a taxi at her apartment at in Kilimani, Off Dennis Pritt Road.

8.30pm– Ms Kimani’s neighbour identified as Owen, arrives at her house to deliver a South Sudanese car number plate she had given him earlier and requested it be.

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Another neighbour, a Lebanese national pops at Monica’s house to say hi after realizing she was around

8.45pm – Another man, dressed in a pair of jeans, a grey hoodie, a cap and a white kanzu, arrives, hugs Monica and goes straight to the kitchen then returns with a glass of wine. He introduces himself as Joe who they later come to know is Joseph Irungu aka Jowie Joe, Jacque Maribe’s fiance.

At the gate, Joe registered himself as “Dominic Kamau” and had an identification card with the above names

9.00pm – The two neighbours leave Monica and Joe (the man in the white kanzu in the house)

Thursday, September 20

3.35am – The man in the white Kanzu calling himself Dominic Kamau leaves the apartment, driving a Silver Toyota Allion, KCA 031E. Later, street cameras capture him in the car with an unidentified man.

4.00am Joseph Irungu Kuria arrives at his girlfriend’s house dressed in a hoodie, a cap and a jacket. He doesn’t have the kanzu on.

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11.30am – Monica’s brother, George Kimani, having failed to reach his sister the whole night decides to visit her apartment together with his girlfriend, to see why she isn’t picking up her calls

12.00pm  George, who is outside the apartment and door still locked from the inside, calls the landlord and asks him if they can break in and see what’s going on. With the help of neighbours and a friend, they break into Nyawirah’s house and find her dead in the bathtub, her neck slit from ear to ear. Her mouth is taped shut, her hands tied at the back. Her feet were also bound. The killer left the water running.

3.30pm – Police arrive at the scene and after analyzing the scene of the crime, take Monica’s body to Chiromo Mortuary.

9.00pm – Jacque Maribe, popular Citizen TV anchor reads the news about Ms Kimani’s brutal murder being one of the items, before calling it a day.

The police start their investigations.

Friday, September 21

1.00am – Jowie storms a popular club in Westlands wearing pyjamas and a pair of slippers and he seems angry. Apparently, he has been looking for Maribe and after a few minutes, he managed to trace her to the establishment, where she’s partying with her with her friends and colleagues including a popular politician and media personalities.
Jowie tries to make his way to the VIP area but is restricted by security. He’s later allowed in after the VIPs leave and he and Maribe have a bitter confrontation before leaving.

They get into an argument at her Royal Park Apartment house number 626, where Jowie is suspected to have grabbed a pistol and shot himself on the right side of the chest. The bullet exits from the back and hits the wall, leaving a hole.

1.02am -Jowie Irungu runs out of the house and bangs on his neighbour’s gate (Brain Kassaine). Kassaine hesitates to open the gate but when the banging persists, he concludes it could only be either Maribe or Irungu who were in the habit of running to him whenever they had a fight. He wakes up opens the gate to find Jowie bleeding and lying down. Jowie tells Brian (the owner of the gun he used to shoot himself) that he had shot himself and asks him to go and secure the gun at Jacque’s house.

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1.05am – Kassaine goes to Ms. Maribe’s house and finds the gun, a Ceska Serial Number B467102 with 28 rounds of 9mm ammunition and one spent cartridge on the floor at the entrance to the walk-in closet adjacent to the bedroom.

1.30am- Ms Maribe, Mr Kassaine and Kassaine’s wife, rush Jowie to hospital but the wound is only dressed the hospitals demand a police OB number.

8.00am- Ms Maribe goes to work, leaving her fiancé in the house nursing the gunshot wound. She later returns home.

Jacque Maribe

7.05pm – Mr Kassaine, Ms Maribe and Mr Irungu go to Lang’ata Police Station, some 200 metres from their estate, and report under OB/79/21/9/2018 that Jowie had been shot very early that morning by three thugs as he entered the house, who later sped off on a motorbike

8.00pm – Lang’ata OCPD Mutisi visits the alleged scene of shooting and interrogates watchmen who deny hearing any gunshots or having information about the shooting.

10.30pm – The OCPD receives a signal from Kilimani, asking for assistance in tracing Jowie and the Toyota Allion car seen at the scene of Monica Kimani’s murder in Kilimani.

Sunday, September 23
Police interrogate Brian Kassaine, TV girl Ms Maribe and Jowie about Monica Kimani’s death and the alleged shooting.

Monday, September 24
Jowie is arrested at his fiance’s place house and taken to the Lang’ata Police Station. Ms Maribe goes missing but later reveals that she panicked and went to her parent’s home in Eastlands after her lover was arrested in connection with the killing she had reported on TV.

Tuesday, September 25
Police seize Jacque’s car, the Toyota Allion KCA 031E, which was driven by Jowie to and fro the murder scene from her home and take it to the Kilimani Police Station.

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Thursday, September 27
Ms Maribe records a statement at the Kilimani Police Station and is later taken to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters for further questioning.

Police recover a partially burnt white robe, T-shirt, cap and other clothing in Ms Maribe’s compound, collect them for a forensic exam. They also find Monica’s handbag, wallet and some documents at Maribe’s home.

Jacquey Maribe's fiance Joe Irungu
Jacquey Maribe’s fiance Joe Irungu

Friday, September 28
Monica Nyawira Kimani is buried at her parents home in Gilgil. Her family led by her father, Bishop Paul Ngarama says they have forgiven her killers and hopes justice will be served.

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Police arrest Mr Kassaine at his house at Royal Park Estate, officers led by Mr Maxwell Otieno recover a Ceska Pistol, Model CZP-07, Serial Number 467102, a spent cartridge and 62 rounds of 9mm ammunition hidden in the ceiling.

They also confiscated a firearms certificate for verification by the Central Firearms Bureau.

Saturday, September 29
Ms Maribe is arrested at her house at the Royal Park Estate and detained at Gigiri Police Station.

Monday, October 1
Jacque Maribe and Mr Kassaine are produced at Kiambu Law Courts on separate schedules, court grants investigating officers 10 days to detain each.

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