Flashy city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has been slammed on Twitter after making mean comments about Mariam Kighenda’s husband, John Wambua.

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This is after Nation ran a story and photos of John receiving compensation for the car that plunged into the Indian Ocean with [Mariam and her daughter, Amanda] from a local insurance company on their front page.

As we were cheering courageous Divers, jeering our Kenya Navy & Kenya Ferry Services for ineptitude over #LikoniFerryTragedy, John Wambua, husband to Mariam & Dad to Amanda was busy pursuing insurance claim for his lost car! I don’t know John Wambua but I think he is heartless!’ Donald tweeted.

He added that he could have buried his loved ones first.

Bury his wife and daughter first … And wait for mourning period to end… The Insurance Company is not going under.

Netizens came out to defend Mariam Kighenda’s family, telling off the lawyer.

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Reactions include;

Nicht This is not shocking and by any standards no, what’s shocking and really disturbing is that the same ferry that the car plunged from is still in operation and with the ramp hanging waiting for another car to plunge and lose lives. Let the man be, please.

My2cents Foul play!! kicking a fellow when he’s on the ground is below you Sir! I expect way more from you

Alexander You might be surprised that not everyone in life has the kind of money you do for funerals and the replacement of such lost property.

Gitonga Everyone including yourself knew the car sunk, rules of insurance is you report within a certain timelime for claim to be valid. You wanted him to lose both family & property? How long does it take to file a claim? Should he have sat & cried for 24hrs all of the 13days?!

Kamau Kirigwi Its the tweet that is heartless; what will the in-laws say?

James Mireri Its the tweet that is heartless; what will the in-laws say?

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Chumyot Wambua had mourned and accepted, is it wrong to make a claim? Or whats the time period one needs to make a claim?

Malik Obama You are heartless! Leave the man alone to manage his grief. Kenyans. Aggh!